emma and jordan leigh weddingOn November 21st, 2013 we embarked on a year of international travel. Though it was hard to imagine leaving friends, family and jobs we loved, we have always dreamed of taking a trip like this. After a few years of dating and saving, we were ready to make it happen. On a shoestring budget we will start our journey in Costa Rica and then head south, hopefully all the way to Patagonia! From there, we’ll see where the wind takes us. We plan to take advantage of many budget travel opportunities such as wwoofing, volunteering etc. We look forward to writing about our adventures and sharing photographs along the way through this site. Feel free to follow along!

Emma, 26, studied history and public health and spent the last 4 years working in medical education and quality improvement. Jordan, 28, studied fine arts and business and has been cooking professionally for the last 4 years. Emma and Jordan share a passion for food and adventure and can’t wait to start this epic journey!

Feel free to get in touch with us!

**Thank you to Andy Paraskevas for creating a logo for our trip!**

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